Suncraft has a proven system of working in collaboration with production yards. We can offer varying levels of production support from our in-house staff. This can be from a simple overseeing process to insure quality, to full project management of all aspects of construction & delivery.

Suncraft has the expertise and experience to insure that system integration is smooth and trouble free. With the increasing use of highly complex onboard systems and equipment, it has become extremely important to ensure that all systems are able to operate seamlessly over their full range of capabilities. With our in-house expertise and close collaboration with external consultants, we can deliver a complete package that works.

Suncraft place great emphasis in ensuring the smooth introduction of new vessels into service. As a basis, we plan and conduct elaborate training for the End Users in areas of vessel handling, operations and maintenance, covering also onboard systems and equipment. We also support our customers in areas of spare parts provisioning or acquisition, by supplying either directly or with detailed information to facilitate life-cycle management.
Depending on requirements, we are well placed to provide options for varying levels of continuing technical support to our Clients from performance of periodic maintenance to major overhauls and repairs.

In line with our commitment to bring the best available technology to our clients, we have successfully incorporated the award-winning ASD hull design into our flagship products.

Known as the Arrow System Design (ASD), it has been awarded the “Best technological innovation in all industrial fields” by the University of Udine (Italy).

The ASD remains today an innovative breakthrough in hull shape design that greatly reduces the limitations faced by current high-speed crafts.

A Hull Shape Above The Rest Crafts adopting ASD (Arrow Systems Design) hull shape offers the following advantages:

  • High operational speeds
  • Excellent dynamic stability (low heeling angles, when manoeuvring at high speeds)
  • Reduced draft
  • Excellent sea-keeping qualities
  • Low radar cross section and infrared signature due to the peculiar shape of the ASD hull
Record Breaking Hull Shape

Boats engineered with the ASD design have reached speeds from 40 knots to 86 knots (100 mph). In Spain, a 12 meters steel boat designed to ASD specifications, has broken records to reach 60 knots as well.