Raptor Standard
raptor raptor raptor


The SUNCRAFT RAPTOR SWOC is a utility craft designed to comply with the requirements of a shallow water landing craft. It is ideal for transporting troops and equipment within inner territorial waters like rivers and estuaries. The RAPTOR SWOC is specifically suited for supporting land operations within supra-littoral zones.

The main mission profiles for the RAPTOR SWOC are:

  • Patrol / Escort
  • Troops & Equipment transportation
  • Beach Deployment / Land Ops Support
  • Fire Fighting
Raptor Standard Intro
Material Aluminium
Hull Shape Low Deadrise w / tunnels
Length Overall 13 m
Draft @ Transom(Full Load) 0.55 m
Breadth 3.4 m
Ballistic Protection (Optional) NIJ Level 3


2 x SD
Total Installed Power 2 x 550 HP
Maximum Speed 35 knots @ full load condition
Range @ 30 knots Constant Speed ~ 300 NM
Crew + Passengers 4 + 6

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